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casino games online for real money

Tips For Playing Online Casino Games For Real Money In The USA

The arrival of the Internet in many modern homes through an extensive host of devices has made it possible for players in the USA and around the globe to play casino games online for real money.

Most online casinos available to USA players feature casino games online for real money legally, despite the Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which clamped down on online casinos in the USA in 2006.

Online Casino Games

There is a revitalizing mixture of casino games online for real money available to players from the USA.  New games are frequently added and old versions are updated for a rejuvenated appearance. Casino games online for real money in the USA feature video slots, keno, blackjack, slots, baccarat, progressives, poker and roulette to name but a few.

Tips For Playing In Reputable casinos

Finding a website that provides casino games online for real money in the USA can be daunting due to current government legislature.

Players in the USA should make sure that the website offering casino games online for real money are legitimate and trustworthy. By ensuring the online casino is highly regarded players ensure unbiased and exciting game play in the casino.

Reputable gaming software and engines will ensure that players enjoy a premium gaming experience. This means that there will be no irritating lag issues or frozen frame rates on winning spins. The screen will not be flooded with spam or hyped up user content, as trustworthy casino games online for real money provide players with safe and secure domains.

Real Money Versus Practice Play

Players opting for casino games online for real money in the USA should be attentive of the practice play option available in most online casinos. The practice play option in an online casino affords players the opportunity to get to know the casino games software and gaming engines used. This will come in handy when players are ready to make a real money deposit as a thorough test will reveal if the desired casino provides an adequate gaming experience for your needs.

Picking An Online Platform

Flash casinos are instant play versions of the online casino, which require no download or installation procedure. This is a convenient platform that allows players in the USA to launch casino games online for real money from the browser. Flash casinos are perfect for mobile devices, offering players an equal experience to that of download software.

Viper casinos are the downloaded version of the online casino. Players will need to download and install software on a computer in order to launch the casino games online for real money. This platform is ideal for players who seek an enhanced game play experience  from a desktop computer.

Depositing Methods

Players in the USA will be thrilled to learn that Singapore slots online for real money accept various depositing methods into the Casino. These are usually country specific and can be located within the casino software itself. Many online casinos will accept deposits from major financial institutions.

Safety and confidentiality is always a major concern within an online environment where transactions are processed. All player information is highly regarded and considered extremely private and confidential. Trustworthy and highly regarded online casinos are protected by intense firewalls and security protocols, which keeps all players information thoroughly preserved.

Players from the USA can enjoy casino games online for real money comfortably knowing that information is protected with strict adherence to compliance procedures.


USA casino games online for free

Play Table Casino Games Online For Free

Popularity for online free table games is rising. There are many online table games to choose from such as online poker, blackjack, roulette, bingo and baccarat, among other popular free play table games.

Each of these table games are offered in real money mode and free play mode versions. Free demos versions are offered for instant play in browser, as well as different free game variations that are rendered for different devices. Whether in demo mode, on a mobile or other device or in the main game or upgraded version, hours of fun can be had when playing table casino games online for free.

Why Choose Free Play?

Some casino games require less skills and strategy and can be enjoyed in real money mode straight away. Table games, however, require lots of skill and strategy. While luck does play a role in these games, betting real money requires a cleverly thought-out wager. Of all the gaming types, playing table casino games online for free is seen to be most beneficial as one learns effective gameplay and hand combos to ensure real money wins in real cash play.

Online table games generally have higher wagers than other casino games, which means real money play is risky. With higher wagers only fit for seasoned USA players willing to spend big bucks, beginners and budget conscious players generally avoid real money play on table games. This is where free play comes in handy. Players can try out all the table casino games online for free, learn gameplay, acquire skills and improve gaming confidence to a point where one is comfortable and confident enough to play for real cash.

Authentic Game Experience

While online table games may not boast all the animations, bonus rounds and technological savvy of other casino games, online table games are true to form and more realistic and authentic than any other gaming types. This authenticity and high quality software carries throughout all real money and free play games, so choosing a free play game is a good choice if a player is looking for an immersive game where it’s like sitting at a real casino table, without having to bet the real wagers.

Most, if not all, free play table games provide a truly Vegas style interpretation of their land-based predecessors. The designs of the table games, in all their green, clear cut design, feature the exact layout of the original game, down to the numbers on the tables, in-game chips and betting options displayed on the table. When experiencing table casino games online for free, USA players enjoy an exact replica of their favourite land-based table game in for hours on end.

As Social And Interactive As Land-Based Versions

USA players enjoy table games at real-life casinos as they come with interactivity and feature an immersive social atmosphere not found in individual, one player casino games. So how did software developers transform and adapt these land-based table games to the online stage with the exact atmosphere embedded within and with all the original, authentic features in toe?

Well, game developers offer live dealer games and social games for USA players whether playing the table casino games online for free or in real money mode. Even in free play, players can chat with other players during game play, gain advice from a live dealer and enjoy interactivity.

Dragon Ship

Dragon Ship Slot, a Perilous Viking Quest

The dragons of the Dragon Ship slot from Play’n GO software, which players can find at several online casinos, are not the fiery reptiles of mythic folklore. Instead, Dragon Ship celebrates the creatures’ artistic significance in the eponymous longships of fearless Viking explorers. The five reels hang between carved wooden masts adorned with ironwork and topped with dragons’ heads, and the iconic dragon figurehead of a longship’s prow serves as the game’s Wild symbol.

The rest of the Dragon Ship iconography is devoted to a stern Viking and the artefacts of his world. Simple knotted ropes divide the reels, and the sound effects accompanying game play are the creak of rigging and the ripple of wind and waves against the hull. The dangerous reality of a long voyage in an open vessel across uncharted seas makes up the background: endless, sullen-looking ocean with a pale sun fighting its way through threatening clouds.

Players can adjust the 15 paylines, 1 to 5 coins per line and coin denominations ranging from 0.01 to 0.25, according to their budget, but the best prizes are paid for 5-coin bets.

Wild also Triggers Free Spins

The Dragon Ship Wild is a fantastically carved dragon prow, its eyes glowing with unfathomed magic. It serves as a substitute only, with no prizes for matching with itself, but it can arrive stacked to cover all three symbols on a reel. This gives it the potential to complete different matching wins on multiple paylines simultaneously.

If stacked Wilds cover both Reels 1 and 5 on a spin, the player gets a round of 15 free spins. These two reels will remain locked as stacked Wilds for the duration of the free games, again creating the possibility of several high-value wins at once. During free spins, combos can be made right to left from Reel 5 as well as left to right from Reel 1.

Bonus Chests Delivers Cash Prize

Dragon Ship’s Bonus Scatter is an elaborately carved golden treasure chest. It appears only on Reels 1, 3 and 5, but on all three at the same time, it activates the bonus round. The three triggering chests expand to fill the reels, and the player must pick one to reveal an instant money prize. These range from 10X or 20X the total spin bet, to impressive multiples like 200X or more.

Nine Ordinary Payline Symbols Complete Set

To offset the forbidding greenish greys of Dragon Ship’s ocean backdrop, Play’n GO designers have clad the payline icons in detailed drawings and sumptuous colours. Top card-deck values 10 to A are rendered in angular characters reminiscent of runes, their varied hues embroidered and embossed with iron. All the payline symbols need three matches or better to win prizes. Q, J and 10 win equal prizes, as do the K and A. Five Ks or As win 150 coins.

An ornate drinking horn and elaborate shield are also matched in value, winning up to 250 coins. A fearsome war axe, inlaid with copper sigils, wins 500 coins for five of a kind. The bearded blonde Viking, lowering under his horned helmet, is the top-value payline symbol. For three, four or five matches, this icon scores 100, 500 or 2,500 coins.

FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup Sport Betting System

There are big sporting events and then there are huge sporting events and regarding this FIFA World Cup event it definitely falls under the latter side of things. Held once every four years this event takes a national effort to operate and manage each year as it attracts millions of fans from all around the world to that destination to come see the action live. Whether or not punters are exactly into this beautiful game or not though matters little regarding this particular event as the aspects surrounding it all make for quite fantastical options in all regards. So overall the FIFA World Cup is not just the biggest sporting event in the world, it is also one of the biggest sports betting ones too.

One of the notable things about the game of football or soccer is that the teams, in the leagues but also nationally, tend to be quite competitive and so offer some rather unique betting options which at the very least promise to be excitingly resolved. Though the smaller options of the betting setup may require the punters involved to understand the fundaments of the game at hand, for the most part the betting attached to the more straightforward sports games is relatively easy to interpret and resolve. Overall though this sport and massive event should be on most punters radar of possibility.

Picking Out the Sports Betting in Football

Though there is no doubt that the game of football is one of the most widely played games of all time, there is still a degree of adaptation that the punters likely need to process before simply jumping into the betting side of things. For instance the game of football, and more notably the FIFA World Cup, is played between two teams at any one time and results with one team either winning the game or a tie being declared, for the pool stages of the tournament the latter is possible.

What this means for the well versed sporting event the FIFA World Cup and the punters that may look to place a few wagers on the games involved, is that the online soccer betting options available will run fairly intuitively to the other similar styled sports, and include bets for the winners, losers and a fair bit more on the finer detail side of things. Punters will be able to watch the games, judge the players involved in each team and then make the bets off of these observations, meaning that the more precise the punters keep track the more chance of picking a few winning bets. Overall this does share a similarity with the majority of sports betting as the adage holds true in that the more prep a punter can perform the more chance of betting on the right pony, so to speak.

Further Betting Assessment and a Responsibility Online

Whether the punters end up picking this sport and the FIFA World Cup as targets to place bets on is largely up to them at the end of the day, because the best bets are placed by those punters that truly follow and keep track of the sports they’re betting on and so to force a bet for a situation that simply doesn’t gel is probably not the best option either. All in all though football betting and this large sporting event are prime candidates for this particular field of interest.

Federation Cup

The Federation Cup Tennis Tournament

In the world of international tennis, the Federation Cup is certainly one of the biggest events of the year. Also known as the Fed Cup, the tournament is the single largest annual woman’s tennis team competition in terms of numbers of players and countries involved. The men’s equivalent is known as the Davis Cup and attracts the attention of the sporting world and the online betting community. The Fed Cup dates all the way back to 1919 when Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman originally came up with the idea for a woman’s tennis team competition.

Despite the idea being rejected, the spirit of the competition remained with Nell Hopman taking up the idea many years later. It wasn’t until 1962 when overwhelming evidence was presented to the ITF that this type of competition would be a success. The Federation Cup was officially launched in 1963 to coincide with the ITF’s 35th anniversary. The competition was open to all nations across the globe and became an instant success. The first cup attracted at total of 16 nations with the number climbing to 75 by 1994.

World Group Qualifiers

Today many countries around the world compete for a place in the prestigious tournament. After qualifiers, only 16 countries go through to compete in the World Group playoffs. Since 1995, players have been able to play home and away games over three weekends throughout the year. The Federation Cup qualifying teams are split into two groups. These are known as the World Groups number 1 and 2.

If a team manages to win their World Group 1 first round, they will stay in the World Group. If they lose, they will drop into the World Group 2 for the next year. A team that Wins their World Group 2 first round will stay in World Group 2, the loses will drop out into the zone qualifiers in the next year.  Once in a World Group, four of the groups nations will be seeded according to ITF rankings. A round robin type completion is played to determine who will make it to the final 8 playoffs.

Federation Cup Tennis Bets

In the Federation Cup, a number of tennis bets can be placed throughout the year. Firstly, bettors can place bets on which teams will qualify for the World Group stage. This involves betting on specific country to make it through to the final 16 teams. In the qualifying round, you can place individual bets at Australian online tennis betting sites which players will win her individual match. This is known as a match bet and can be placed on multiple games throughout the year.

Once the qualifying stages have been completed, bettors can place Federation Cup bets on which team will place first, second or third in the tournament. This is known as an outright bet with statistics showing that the USA have taken the most wins since the start of the competition back in 1963. Bettors also have the opportunity to place exotic bets on each match including which player will win the first set, who will score the first ace and how many sets will be played in total.

Big Vegas

The Exciting Online Slot Game Big Vegas

Welcome to Vegas, or at least a facsimile of one on the reels of Big Vegas slot game from Bally Technologies. One of the bigger slot game developers in the industry, this slot game is one of their latest productions meaning that this game is already inherently a top game just through association and proxy. The game is themed toward the casino gaming hub of Las Vegas, and is done so with some decent graphics and quite appropriate symbols on the reels.

Speaking of the reels, this Big Vegas slot has 5 of them. Crossing over these is 40 individual pay lines that ultimately dictate which combinations matter and result in wins. The gameplay in this sense is pretty good, allowing for some additional betting options without overcomplicating the experience with too many knobs and dials so to speak. Like any online video slot of late, the game is going to require a few bonuses to keep up with all the action available today, and in this regard there are the likes of Scatter bonuses that reward free spins and unique Wild symbols including a directional Wild.

Theme and Gameplay in Big Vegas Slot

The theme of Las Vegas is a pretty appropriate for that of a slot game and in this particular take on it the experience has a touch of the classical on its side. As mentioned, the graphics of the game are good which is something almost expected of the latest Bally Technologies games. The backdrop has a casino vibe to it, bright with colour, whilst the sound effects highlight a lot of the events that occur on the reels, framing these in the appropriate light. This brings the topic round on the Big Vegas slot symbols found on the aforementioned 5 reels.

On these reels players will find symbols of what have essentially become icons of the industry and are very noticeable as such from the get go. The recognition with these symbols also makes it easier to remember which ones are the more important ones, making the spinning just that little more immersive. Some of these symbols include the likes of cocktails, chips, money and even the famous poker hand of a Royal Flush. The last symbol segways into the other, lower valued, symbols of the playing cards 10 through to Ace.

The Big Vegas Bonuses on the Reels

The first symbol to consider is the Scatter symbol because this is the only way to trigger the free spins in this online pokies NZ game. These free spins are not able to be retriggered but come with a 3 times multiplier which makes the former point sting a little less.

The Wilds in the game include a standard Wild and a Directional Wild. The latter is only to be found on the reels 2 and 4 during regular play and on reel 3 during the free spins feature. This Wild lands and then starting from its own position turns the symbols on the reels into Wilds along the direction the arrow on the symbol itself points. In the free spins feature these ‘Purple’ Wilds remain until the feature ends which can be quite rewarding.

Big Red Slot Alternatives

Big Red Slot Alternatives Found Online

The slot game in the title is called Big Red and was developed by Aristocrat gaming developers. The game needs very little introduction however, especially to players familiar with the slot machine scene found across many of the land based casinos. In layman’s terms, this slot is one of the bigger slot machine games ever hosted by brick and mortar casinos the world over, though the theme of the game suggests a more Australian focus. There are many aspects about this game that made it so appealing, but unfortunately modern day systems have put it on the back foot of sorts, as this game still favours the land based casinos and is as a result somewhat forgotten amidst the mass of games online.

As such it may be a good time to start looking for some Big Red Slot Alternatives online, something perhaps a little more up to date but with the same sense of player appeal as this land based giant. The first step in this case is to analyse the fundaments that made this particular slot so popular and then attempt to draw comparisons with some of the recent online works to be found. Either way there will be a better idea of just what kinds of Big Red Slot Alternatives there are to be found online.

A Few Things About Big Red Slot

The name doesn’t really give much away about the slot, but all those even vaguely familiar with this real money online slots game will have no problem recalling that the game is centred around the Australian outback for its theme. This is worth noting, as it was definitely a defining factor for the game during its peak appeal, but in terms of comparisons and drawing relatable links it doesn’t really help all too much. What is worth noting however is that the theme was well catered too and that the developers also incorporated some rather great symbols to appeal to this theme’s commitment.

One of the highest regarded aspects of this game and perhaps the reason to find Big Red Slot Alternatives is the overall simplicity of the gameplay. The game is played with 5 pay lines on the more standard 5 reels, which means that it is a very easy game to setup and spin quite immediately, plus it focuses on the wins on the reels as opposed to being distracted by offering additional and superfluous features and options. This is an appealing aspect of any slot game and makes it quite something special for players.

Looking into the Big Red Slot Alternatives

So with the Big Red Slot Alternatives we are looking for slot games that have adopted a basic theme but adhered wholeheartedly to it, making it feel immersive without feeling like the entirety of the slot game. Additional to this the game should ideally have a simple gameplay, nothing over enthusiastic so as to cloud the actual gaming experience. Fortunately though, for those players looking for Big Red Slot Alternatives online, there are a good couple of top developers making a good couple of games and so there’s likely some relatable gaming to be found.

Big Red Aristocrat Slot

The Big Red Aristocrat Slot Online

It’s time to enter the outback in this Australian themed game from Aristocrat gaming. This is the Big Red Aristocrat slot filled with all manner of Aussie aspect and stereotype but in good humour and with some decent graphics. One of the developer’s most well-known slot games both on and offline, this game has already made wave in the casino slot industry and so perhaps even those unfamiliar with it will find that it has a few cool aspects to the reel spinning one can expect in such a game format.

This Big Red Aristocrat slot is made up of 5 reels and 5 pay lines that are adjustable. The stake is pretty fixed despite the adjustable lines, so this slot doesn’t have quite the player range of some other slot games. That being said, this is a rather high volatility slot game and so this rather still betting setup may actually have a particular appeal, albeit to a somewhat smaller audience. The bonuses in place also help this slot’s overall delivery by adding the likes of Wilds, Scatters and even a free spins feature to the game.

Identifying the Theme and Gameplay Involved

As mentioned above, the general theme employed here is that of the Australian outback, and the developers have made it pretty evident from the get go in this Big Red Aristocrat online slots. From the theme appropriate symbols to the visible and germane backdrop and right down to the subtle sound track this game’s portrayal of said theme is not half bad at all. One of the more easily displayed and impactful aspects developers can add to a slot to identify with the theme is the symbols on the reels of the slot.

The symbols found on the five reels in this Big Red Aristocrat slot are set into rows of 3, and contain a goodly mashup of some of the more affiliated symbols of the Australian terrain. Some of these symbols include kangaroos, dingoes, boars, eagles and crocodiles. As can be picked up from the symbols mentioned, the focus is wildlife and nature, whilst also being oriented on the country in question. These symbols are well represented on the reels, graphically that is.

Onto the Aussie Bonuses in this Slot

The first of the bonuses to address in this Big Red Aristocrat slot is the Wild. Represented by the kangaroo this symbol can also help trigger more wins as it substitutes for other symbols in opportune moments. The symbol also wins up to 5 free spins with the wins from these doubled. This makes this quite the valuable symbol as far as these icons on the reels go. The free spins can be retriggered up to a rather ridiculous 255 spins total.

The Scatter bonus symbol in the Big Red Aristocrat slot is the tree symbol. This usually triggers a line bet win when landed anywhere on the reels however during the aforementioned free spins feature these symbols trigger additional free spins, making them especially useful in conjunction with the Wild symbol of the game. Not a bad mesh together with the bonuses in this Big Red Aristocrat slot.

Big Foot

Online Slot Game Big Foot from Nextgen

The legend of Big Foot is a very well-known one, based around mysterious sightings over the years of an ape man that roams around certain forests and mountains. Of course like any legend there are tonnes of stories and incidents of which none have been notably confirmed throughout this myth’s existence. But the tale of this Sasquatch is still an interesting one, regardless of if there are any facts involved, and as a result this myth makes for a great theme for an online slot game.

Big Foot slot from Nextgen is just that, based on this remarkable legend the reels of this game are laden with symbols reflecting the myth of this creature, whilst the graphics, backdrop and sound effects all accentuate this theme and the activity on the reels. On top of this there are some more exciting bonus features incorporated into the game, including the likes of Wilds, Scatters and even a themed bonus game that accentuates the legend this slot game is based on. Overall this Nextgen slot isn’t a bad game, and the theme makes it certainly unique.

Big Foot Gameplay and Structural Design

The theme of this Big Foot slot may be exciting but there are a lot more aspects of the game that ultimately play a part in the overall appeal and gameplay. First off there is 5 reels and an adjustable 25 pay lines with which to setup the betting before the game. In this regard there is also other betting options, namely stake sizes, so players of all betting limits can get a segment of the action from this slot game. This makes the game more immersive than the average fruit machine slot, one with a little bit of a story to tell the players along the way.

On the reels of this Big Foot slot players will stumble upon some rather germane symbols to the theme involved. This is definitely the place through which developers can affect the most impact concerning the theme structure and more. Some of these symbols include other fellow enthusiasts of this mythical creature, postcards, warning signs and campfires. These and the more standard playing card symbols 9 through to Ace all have particular wins attached and some can net some pretty decent ones. On top of this there are also some bonus features and symbols to boot which you don’t find in mobile blackjack games.

The Big Foot Bonuses in this Slot

Bonuses in any slot game make the experience a little bit better, and the ones on the schedule here are no different. The first one to look out for is the Wild symbols that can participate in the forming of combinations by becoming the necessary symbols required. This is represented by the Big Foot symbol, and so is rather fitting to keep an eye out for in this slot. This symbol only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4.

The Scatter is the Sasquatch tracks and can win the free spins of the game. 10 free spins are won with a 2 times multiplier attached to any wins made. The bonus game in this slot is triggered through the Big Foot and family symbol, which tasks players with clicking on glowing eyes in amidst a dark forest for prizes. Overall these make the graphical reels of this slot a little more eye catching and rewarding.

Big City casino – Online Alternatives and Top Casinos

Big City Casino– Online Alternatives and Top Casinos

The world is quite quickly becoming a more busy and loud place to live, with new possibilities of all manner creeping out of the wood work constantly to add to the ordered chaos of growth. Whilst on a spiritual level this may be slightly unnerving, this progress to the early adopters and innovators of the world is rather spectacular. One of the more notable industries that have seen a considerable growth alongside this, and through it, is casino gaming and most notably what has become known as a Big City casino– Online Alternatives and Top Casinos found across the internet and offered to the world over.

This is not exactly a new discovery, the possibility of online gaming, but with the speed of the technologies at hand and in the foreseeable future, the offerings through such an online system and offered to multiple platforms of devices is staggering, and will only continue to escalate. So regardless if players are familiar with this form of Big City casino– Online Alternatives and Top Casinos gaming, they will be able to discover a fair few new and exciting options available today.

Just What Online Casino Options are Available

So the online casino gaming is fresh and recently developed, but this doesn’t inherently determine whether they’re ultimately any good. In this regard a bit more of exactly what’s involved in the Big City casino– Online Alternatives and Top Casinos offering. First off there are a lot of different games. This includes individual games as well as broad spectrum categories of exciting gaming industries.

Just a few of the latter gaming categories include the large fields of table games, slots gaming, lotteries and more. The important thing to keep in mind when it comes to the possibilities of online casino gaming is that it is a library collected from around the world, so games that otherwise would have only seen a very small audience have now spread enough to be found by many players around the world.

So the games one would associate with the Big City casino– Online Alternatives and Top Casinos options of gaming are pretty solid. The next step is just what complementary aspects of this gaming players would find online, and the answer is actually quite a fair bit, and even better is that this offering will only see growth in the foreseeable future. Here the likes of security, support, banking options and even bonuses are brought to the light, each with their invaluable addition to the overall experience.

The Bonuses to Online Casino Gaming – Online Alternatives and Top Casinos is the sort of offering players who have become somewhat deterred toward the land based side of gaming look for. Whether the reasons for this are transportation problems, costs, time shortages or simply comfortability, players are looking for some sort of change, and with these online casinos that change is not only real, but readily available. On top of this, with the range and flexibility of this online industry there are also many different platforms to play these games, as well as formats thereof, so accessibility is easier than ever with the Big City casino– Online Alternatives and Top Casinos.

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