Craps History

Craps is a dynamic and often complex casino table game involving bets places on the outcome of one or many rolls of two dice. The game is thought to be a combination of the old English game of hazard and the French crabes. Hazard, invented by English nobleman Sir William of Tyre and his army during the Crusades, was a hugely popular gambling game throughout medieval England and remains so to this day; there is also evidence to suggest that games resembling hazard were being played as far back as the time of the Roman Empire, at which time soldiers were playing a dice game using dice fashioned from the shaved knuckles of pigs – the probable origins of the term ‘throwing the bones’.

Hazard eventually spread to the floors of elite English gambling houses in the 17th century, where it was enjoyed by English aristocracy and royalty alike, who favoured the game for its highly dynamic and social nature. It then soon caught on in France where it became known as crabes, named for the lowest possible value of a dice throw in the game; from there, it travelled to the USA via the displaced Cajun French population of Arcadia, who brought the game, now known as craps, with them, along with a rich and diverse culture and unique variation of the French tongue.

Quality Online Craps Games

In modern times, casino enthusiasts can still enjoy the historical game of craps at most brick and mortar casinos across the world. Better yet, players can also enjoy premium craps action in the form of convenient online and mobile casino games. There are surely few better ways for players to enjoy this casino classic than from the comfort of the electronic device of their choice, as online craps games can be accessed from a wide range of player devices including laptops, tablets and even smartphones, with only an internet connection required to play. This means pure convenience for busy modern players, who can now play online craps games while on the go at any time of day, while at work, during travel, while on vacation or simply from the comfort of their own living rooms.

Online and mobile craps games are available to players as both downloadable and no download game variants that can be downloaded directly onto players’ devices of choice or accessed straight from their internet browsers. These games are designed for complete compatibility with a wide range of popular devices, and employ gripping graphics and immersive animation techniques that combine seamlessly with the high resolution screens of many modern devices to create a quality visual game experience and casino atmosphere to rival one that players would expect when playing craps at their favourite land-based casino.

Exciting Online Craps Bonus Offers

Also available to online craps players is the choice between fantastic free and real money craps games. Real money games give players the chance to cash in on sensational craps jackpots while playing online, while free craps play is ideal for players who wish to hone their skills, broaden their craps knowledge, familiarise themselves with betting strategies and even to determine which great craps games they may like to play for real money in the future.

Playing mobile or online craps may also attract a number of appealing bonus offers, including welcome, deposit and no deposit bonuses that may be awarded to craps players both upon their signing up for a real money player account and during play, rewarding them as much as possible for enjoying the best online craps games the internet has to offer.