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Australia’s Broadcast Ban on Gambling Ads

Australia’s Broadcast Ban on Gambling Ads

While it might be a small change, many punters want to know exactly why the Turnbull government put a ban on gambling advertisements during televised sporting broadcasts.

If you haven’t picked up on the change yet, the new law means that all forms of gambling advertising will be banned five minutes before and five minutes after the conclusion of a soccer game, cricket match or live sporting event.

This is provided the games are held before 8:30pm. After 8:30pm, the restrictions are lifted and punters can be subjected to the standard melange of betting advertisements.

So why the change? Will it really make that much of a difference? According to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, the hope is that the ban will minimise gambling exposure to youngers as well as problem gamblers. Turnbull feels that parents will welcome the fact that their children will not be exposed to regular sessions of betting advertisements while they watch the Australian cricket team in action.

A recent study found that the majority of adolescents in the country have been exposed to gambling activities in some form or another. It was also established that gambling advertisements were leading youngsters to believe that the chance of winning was very high; basically saying that gambling or sports betting was an easy way to make money. When researchers examined a problem gambler’s history, they found that they were exposed to gambling at a young age and developed a positive attitude towards gambling at the time. It can be said that advertising that promotes the idea of gambling being an easy way to make money will most likely cause problems in the future.

A Respite for Problem Gamblers

We all get it, the child factor is a no-brainer, but equally important is the limiting of exposure to problem gamblers. In the last few years, Australia has seen a marked increase in problem gambling that can be directly attributed to sports betting. According to recent statistics, the number of young men with gambling problems essentially doubled between 2012 and 2015. The government is keenly aware that the “gamblification” of sport has become a central component of the industry. While there are multiple factors that can be attributed to escalating rates of problem gambling, it turns out that advertising does play a role.

Large-scale surveys have shown that gambling advertisements during sport broadcasts have a strong effect on problem gamblers. It has been shown that these ads affect gamblers by increasing their desire to gamble when they are consciously trying to reduce their betting practises. The hope is that restrictions on advertising may just help those struggle to manage their gambling urges. Whether the new restrictions have any effect remains to be seen. In the meantime, the government have compensated the networks by slashing the price of licensing fees.

While the networks feared they would lose out on the deal, they may in fact benefit from the arrangement. Licencing fees, which were sitting at around $130-150 million-mark last year will drop to an expected $40 million. This gives the government some wiggle room for more advertising cuts in the future.

Australia’s 9 Million Dollar Racehorse

Australia’s 9 Million Dollar Racehorse

Northerly was a bay gelding that amassed over nine million Australian dollars in winnings over the course of his career. He was arguably Australia’s best middle distance horse of the late 20th century.

In total he had 37 starts, 19 wins, 7 seconds and 2 thirds. Northerly was a favourite among the betting public for his ability to win after appearing defeated, and it was this trait, in combination with his racing colours of yellow and black with a Maltese Cross and quartered cap which earned him the nickname of The Fighting Tiger.

The bay gelding was on par with current greats such as Buffering and Black Heart Bart, both of which have won many races and raced well into their later years compared to colts or stallions.

Australia’s Best Middle Distance Horse

The first race Northerly was entered into was an unsuitably short sprint. He did not perform well, so it was decided to try him over a longer distance. This suited the gelding much better, as he took a while to warm up and really get going. He was well known for mucking about at the begging and middle of his races, and just when he looked defeated he would rally and beat the front-runners. This ability kept punters and bookies alike on their toes, never knowing whether this would be the race in which he failed to turn on his afterburners.

Northerly did not race as a two year old as he was not mature enough. His three year old season only had two starts, one third and one first. It seemed that the horse took his racing career as he did his races, taking a while to really get going.

In his four year old season the gelding stormed onto the Australian racing scene, with eight starts and five wins. A year later he had ten starts for six wins, three places and one eleventh. The Railway Stakes in Perth was a home race for him, and great things were expected after his Cox Plate win. The crowd came out in full force to support their favourite Perth bred horse. Unfortunately for everyone in the stands waving his colours, Northerly wilted badly in the home straight under 61.5 kilograms.  He could not do better than eleventh out of 16 behind the Lindsey Smith trained Old Comrade, who again defeated Northerly in the Australian Cup in March. His four year old season was a tough one, with very little rest so his trainer decided to give a long spell before his next season which began in the spring.

Six and Eight Year Old Seasons

Northerly ran a huge six year old season, with 14 starts and seven wins. By now the gelding was a firm favourite, and thus had to carry heavy weights at every race. The season ended with a 6th place behind Freemason at the BMW Stakes at Rosehill.

He did not compete in his seventh season as he has a torn tendon on his off fore, possibly due to the strain of racing. He did return for an eight year old season, however, which had only three starts in which he did not place at all.

After the three starts as an eight year old, Northerly was retired as a living legend to live out his days in a green field. He was euthanized in 2012 at the age of sixteen after a bout of colic.

How to Choose Online Casino Gambling Sites in Kenya

Kenya is a country in which online gambling is becoming ever more popular, and it is now able to offer gamblers online casino experiences that are top-of-the-line in terms of quality, fun, and real money rewards.

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Sports Betting Tips

Sports Betting – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

The History Of Sports Betting

If you are a fan of sports and you have a way with betting, than a combination of the two might just catch your attention. With the right Sports Betting Tips you could really better your chances of winning.

Sports betting is one of the oldest forms of betting known to man. The first records of sports betting dates back to more than 2000 add years ago.

According to historical records the Greeks where the first people to bet on sports like athletics and this just caught on to other cultures and here we are still engaging in sports betting.

How To Choose An Online Betting Site

You can either play at a sports betting house or bet online. When giving Sports Betting Tips I always advise people to read about online betting sites. Read reviews and take advice from people who have registered on those sites. Before registering with an online betting site you need to decide what you require from the ideal online site. What amount of money do you want to bet, which sports do they offer bets on and is the site secure and safe? Keep in mind that some online sites are restricted to certain countries, whilst other sites do not offer sports betting or they have tricky terms and conditions when it comes to cashing out your winnings or balance.

Sports Betting Tips To Get You Started

First and foremost it is important to remember that you have to try and keep sports betting as simple as possible. This, of all sports betting tips, remains the one golden rule. The more advanced and complicated the wagers, the bigger the payouts, but this also increases your risk of losing your bet amount. If you are just starting out at sports betting, read up on sports betting tips and master the easier bets  first before moving on to the more advanced wagers.

Make use of the free bonuses and promotions the leading online betting sites offer to new players. Online betting sites often run a promotion to reward loyal customers, so make these sports betting tips count and take them up on their bonus offers.

You need to master discipline and self-control when betting. You should set a bet limit for yourself and you should always stick to it. Do not bet with money that you cannot afford to forfeit or lose.

One of the sports betting tips that will take up a bit of your time but will prove worth it in the end is the fact that you should do research on the games you plan to bet on. The better you know the teams participating in an event, the players making up the team and the general statistics regarding the game, the better your chances of predicting the outcome more accurately. Do not bet with your heart, rather bet with hardcore facts, regardless of who your favourite team or player is.

sports betting sites

Find The Best Sports Betting Sites

Online sports betting sites are the modern way to wager on your favourite sports.

The convenience and wide range of options these sites offer literally turn you into your own personal bookmaker.

You can make real dollar wagers anywhere in New Zealand where you have an internet connection.

Sports betting sites operate around the clock so you won’t have to keep to office hours or take public holidays into consideration. Just quick and simple sports betting.

Looking For The Best Odds

Each of the many sports betting sites you will find online will set their own odds for their fixtures.

Many people will open multiple accounts at different sports betting sites so that they can check and then compare the odds on offer and only place a wager on the most favourable bet.

The Best Sporting Events

The main reason most people sign up to sports betting sites other than the fact that it is simply so convenient, is because there are so many sports around the world that you can place wagers on.

There are so many events available that you will never have a day here you don’t know what to bet on.

The Best Bonuses And Promotions

An optional extra that makes many sports betting sites stand out is bonus offers and promotional offers. Bonus can be awarded in a variety of ways.

It can include first deposit bonuses, sign up bonuses and more.

Promotional offers usually feature a loyalty system where the more you wager the more points you earn.

These loyalty points can be used in a variety of ways and completely depends on the policies of the site in question.

Free Software

Along with the great offers and odds, you can also look forward to free software downloads.

Not all sports betting sites offer downloads of custom software, but it helps if you want to use your smart phone to place wagers.

Around The Clock Customer Support

Many people don’t consider the benefits of 24 hour customer support at sports betting sites.

A site will be hosted on a server in one country, but still cater to customer form around the world so it makes sense that since they don’t keep office hours, there should be around the clock customer support to help resolve any issues customers may have and avoid them missing betting opportunities.

Easy To Use Site Interface

When trying to find good sports betting sites, the first thing you encounter is of course the home screen and the menus of the site. This is usually a quick way to judge a betting site.

If you see too many advertisements or the layout feels cheap, move on.

It does not bode well for the rest of the site or say much about the people who run it. The site should be clean and clear. Sports betting can get quite complex and with so many available sports fixtures, you will want to have the most inclusive view that you can get.

Since there are so many available sports betting sites, there is no reason why you should settle for less than perfect.

Bicycle Motocross (BMX)

Bicycle Motocross (BMX) Betting Options

In the world of cycling, there are few other types of event quite as popular as Bicycle Motocross (BMX). Along with the Tour de France, BMX racing has quickly become the staple of betting for enthusiasts of all things bike-related, and thanks to the Internet and many online betting site, it is now possible to make wagers on races happening all across the world.

Bicycle Motocross (BMX) has enjoyed a stable viewership over the last few decades, and continues to be one of the most watched sports, both at a local level and an international one, including events like the Olympics and the Winter X games and offer great mobile betting sites.

Betting on Bicycle Motocross (BMX)

Bicycle Motocross (BMX) was not a betting sport during its early years, as most of the events were not played as competitively as other cycling events. When the popularity of the sport had once again boomed across the world in the late 1990s, online betting sites had already begun to make their make on the online world. While very few sites offered professional betting on Bicycle Motocross (BMX), it was not long before the sport was picked up by more and more online sports books.

Today, there are thousands of different online sportsbooks, and many of them offer various different types of betting that can be made on Bicycle Motocross (BMX). Such as solo betting, event betting, and team betting. It is now even possible to watch many of the events live, such as the ones done at the Olympics and the Winter X games, where bettors can follow every race in real time. Bicycle Motocross (BMX) has a very stable market in the betting industry, and will continue to rise in popularity as more betting sites add it to their betting roster.

The History of Bicycle Motocross (BMX)

While there is no official record of when racers started competing in Bicycle Motocross (BMX) events, the sport become part of mainstream popularity around the early 1970s in the United States of America, specifically in the southern regions of California. The first recorded events were of children racing their bikes around makeshift courses, all of which were inspired by the famous motocross courses and racers of the time.

The customisation of the bikes, along with the ease of racing made the sport grow in popularity at an astounding rate, until the sport had become a national phenomenon just a few years after its conception. By the time the popularity of Bicycle Motocross (BMX) had reached its height, manufacturers were creating bikes specifically for racing.

Bicycle Motocross (BMX) Internationally

About a decade after the success of Bicycle Motocross (BMX) in the United States, the sport became just as popular throughout Great Britain. Children and teenagers were the target audience, and as the sport continued to grow, more aspects were added, such as news magazine and television coverage. Many children were reported to have even left school to take on Bicycle Motocross (BMX) as a profession, and some of Britain’s greatest races emerged during this period. The sport eventually began to lose popularity as other cycling events gripped the nation, but by the 1990s, Bicycle Motocross (BMX) had once again become a favourite.




Biathlon Sports Betting Online

Biathlon is one of the most strenuous winter sports around. It involves cross country skiing and marksmanship tests with a rifle. Both men and women can compete in this sport and it is featured as both an Olympic sports as well as a world cup sport.

There is single competitor as well as relay style events in Biathlon. Originally the targets that were to be shot could be up to 250m away, but that was reduced in the 70’s to a much more reasonable 50m.

Biathlon is a gruelling but exciting event that offers fantastic online sports betting opportunities. The sport was originally dominated by Norwegian, Russian and Swedish competitors but today is a much more widely practiced sport.

The Many Sporting Events

There are 6 events in Biathlon. Firstly there are individual events. This race takes place over 20KM and with 4 shooting range sections with 20 targets each. A missed target can cost a competitor as much as 1 minute added to his total time.

The second is event is the shorter sprint event that has two shooting sections and a 10km race length. The third event is Pursuit where two competitors compete against each other, separated by their time difference accrued during previous races.

It offers some of the most exciting sports betting online action in Biathlon.

There are also relay events with two teams of 4 competitors each and mass start events. The mass start event usually features around 30 competitors. First across the finish line wins it.

The Winter Olympics

Biathlon in the Winter Olympics features mass start, individual, relay, pursuit and sprint events.

Germany, Norway and Russia usually dominate these events during the winter Olympics with more than 40 gold medals spread between these three countries.

The World Cup

The Biathlon World Cup is one of the newest biathlon events, having first been introduced in 1977. This events runs between November and March, with competitions taking place at various events across the world.

The winner of the cup is determined by the athletes with the highest scores. Again Russia, Norway and Germany always perform exceptionally in the events hosted during the World Cup.

The World Championship

The Biathlon World Championship takes place between February and March.

Both male and female competitors participate and a host of events is on offer comprised from the individual, sprint and other events of Biathlon.

Some athletes to look out for include Martin Fourcade , Ole Einar Bjørndalen, Serhiy Semenov and Emil Hegle Svendsen.

Why Online Sports Betting

The Biathlon offers bettors a unique and exciting betting opportunity online. It is a one of a kind event that shows athletes at the peak of their skill.

If you are unfamiliar with the sport don’t worry because you can find loads of info at sports betting sites that will help you out when deciding what wagers to place.

You can make a variety of real money wagers on all the events on offer. You will also get a few international world class events to wager on.

casino games real money online

Casino Games Real Money Online Play In The USA

Casino games real money online play is available to players across the USA. Games you can play include table games like roulette and poker as well as slot games, video poker games and even scratch cards and online bingo.

Any game you can think of that you will see at a brick and mortar casino in the USA will be catered for in casino games real money online play.

Free Live Dealer Casino Games

Casino games real money online play can be taken to the next level with live dealer games. This is a relatively new feature of many online casinos. It was introduced to make online casinos even more competitive with brick and mortar casinos.

A professional dealer or croupier is set-up in a live studio and hosts a table game via live streaming webcam. Players can join in on games just like they would at Vegas or Monte Carlo table games. The only difference here is that you aren’t paying for expensive drinks or hotel rooms.

You can play live dealer games on your computer at home. It is important to make sure you have sufficient bandwidth on your internet connection as live dealer games, like online blackjack,  are some of the more processor intensive and bandwidth intensive games available at an online casino.

How Real Money Wagering Works

Casino games real money online play requires a cash deposit into your account. You can use a variety of ways to make this deposit. The methods include Visa and Maestro online facilities or E-wallet services.

Online casino games each feature unique controls and ways of adjusting your wager values to suit your budget. Games can be played from as little as 0.01, up to wager values as high as 200 or even more.

When you wager real money, you win real money. Withdrawals are facilitated in much the same way as deposits. Always check to see what your favourite online casino’s daily and monthly withdrawal limit is as this will affect how much money you can take out of your account at a time.

The Benefits Of Real Money Wagering

Casino games real money online wagering has some additional benefits, other than winning real money prizes. When you decide to take part in real money wagering, you must frst make a real money fund transfer into your casino account.

When you do this, you can take advantage of deposit bonus offers. These offers include the first deposit bonus. This bonus is offered by the casino as a percentage of your first deposit value. This percentage will be added to your account and you can use it like real money.

You can also get a no deposit bonus, this offer is the same as the first deposit bonus but this time the casino offers a smaller cash amount, but you won’t be required to make a deposit of your own money.

Casino games real money online play can also unlock extra features in slot games, especially if you are playing at max bet value. These features can include bigger pay outs and additional bonus symbols appearing on screen.

casino games online real money

Top Casino Games Online Real Money Options

There is just something about casino gaming that can get the heart pumping and with a headline like casino games online real money the expectations are pretty clear-cut and inviting.

With many different options online for various different kinds of casino gaming players will be rather spoiled for choice as they search for the setup they want to ultimately place a few wager down on.

So regardless of which games the players are ultimately after, the online world will accompany them there, and offer them competent forms of which they are after and all for real money betting. Effectively a whole world of options awaits.

Because at the end of the day, playing casino games online is only really exciting when the stakes are real and therefore capable of turning into some serious winning potential should things go well. Since this is ultimately the point of the operation, most online setup incorporate these casino games online real money options so that players can not only find the game they want, play it with real stakes but also pick and choose from a whole variety of other available options that makes the whole experience a little bit better in some way or another. All told, players can find some rather enticing offers should they know how to look online.

Building and Finding the Best Online Offers

The point of this title is to remind the USA players this is ultimately geared toward that the first step of the puzzle is creating the idea of what one wants in a casino games online real money offer. To do this one needs to the know some of the rough moving parts involved.

This includes the likes of security and safety features, a factor overlooked at one’s own peril for the online world is capable of being a dangerous place and top casino sites are capable of putting players’ minds at rest in this regard. Another factor USA player should keep an eye out for is licensing and jurisdiction requirements, as the online sites ultimately need to adhere to a few standards in order for the operation to work.

Another important aspect of the whole experience regarding casino games online real money action is of course the games themselves, which play a rather fundamental role in the setup. The rules here are that players should find the game types they prefer and then pursue these, whilst ensuring that the sites that contain these offers adhere to the other areas of requirement. Couple this with a dedicated search for quality bonuses and players might just stumble upon some real online gems that are capable of producing some solid real money online casino entertainment.

Final Summation on Casino Gaming for Real Money

Playing casino games online real money varieties is probably the best way to enjoy these sorts of games and in order to best setup such an operation players would do well to ensure that the site they use has adhered at least to a substantial degree to the requirements laid out here. The result for the players of the USA then is that quality online casino gaming is but around the metaphorical corner.

USA casino games online free play

Move Online With Casino Games Online Free Play

New visitors and current members of land-based casinos choose these real-life establishments to satisfy their entire casino gaming needs.

Sure, one can see the benefits and pros of entering a casino and seeing rows of glistening machines, feeling the buzzing atmosphere created by players seated in anticipation at their machine and the memorable sounds and flashing lights of machines with every win.

Despite advantages of gaming at a land-based casino, with the rise and advancement of technology and extra benefits of playing online, more and more players are moving towards online gaming and enjoying casino games online free play.

So why do free online casino games make USA players easily move and transition to the online gaming arena?

Everything At Players’ Fingertips

Imagine being able to visit multiple casino establishments in one day and getting to try all of the casino games offered at each venue? Playing online provides USA players this opportunity. An even larger, more varied, selection of free play and real money games can be enjoyed online at one casino site alone. Main games can be played for free, with every ounce of pleasure derived from this game increased with every additional version of the game developed.

Like sequels to a popular movie, USA players can expect to find their favourite free online games extended with multiple versions. With many games on offer, and their add-ons, upgrades and sequels, players are not just getting one game but many exciting games from one main game.

Making the move to online gaming and experiencing casino games online free play means that players will have the fortunate opportunity to discover all their favourite games and never before tried games online at one spot. USA players will enjoy true Vegas style entertainment without the risk or worry of losing bets. They can learn the ins and outs of online casinos and games and become confident over time and step into real money game territory.

Transitioning to an online casino site and immersing in casino games online free play means players can get online games, exclusive bonuses, in-game incentives at their fingertips. From table games like poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack to all forms of slots, speciality games, table games in video format and others. In free mode, USA players can enjoy new releases instantly.

Push And Pull Factors

A push factor moving USA players to the online arena is free games. Land-based casinos only offer real money machines. It’s very hard to find a casino which will allows players to sit in their venue for free and enjoy games without placing a real bet.

Online casinos and casino games online free play are open to everyone, of all budgets, even those looking for a fun escape. By having no free money machines in real casinos, how can one try out other games, improve their skills and explore every aspect of the gaming portfolio. Put simply, they cannot. It’s this restriction that helps USA players transition to an online casino.

Players and fans of casino games want to be able to try out new games, want to improve the game knowledge and advance their skills. With casino games online free play all that was not possible in land-based casinos is now possible online.



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